Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that provides common communication to sensors and common life objects. Nowadays, more than 30 billion of IoT devices are active around the world.

IoT has many different uses, but the main one are related to Home Automation and Industrial sectors.


IoT can be implemented through different communication protocols, such as:

  • ZigBee: based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, it provides wireless communication ensuring low energy consumption
  • Wi-Fi: based on IEEE 802.11, it is the most used protocol for wireless communication
  • Z-Wave: protocol used mainly in smart home contexts
  • ProfiNET and ProfiBUS: mainly adopted in industrial contexts
  • IoT Security

The main obstacle in the IoT security environment is given by the low computational power offered by IoT devices. Indeed, even simple cryptographic operations are often not implemented in sensor chips, due to the reduced capabilities. Such exposure to common threats leads to security breaches.

Although ad-hoc algorithms and solutions have been developed in order to protect these devices, many devices are today unprotected.

Security Solutions

Alpha-Cyber offers security solutions in the IoT context, related to the protection of sensors against network attacks. With specific focus on ZigBee and Wi-Fi protocols, unique secure devices are implemented in order to ensure communication security of your sensors.