Alpha-Cyber is a consulting company providing high-quality ICT solutions to its customers.
Born after years of experience in the ICT and cyber-security contexts, Alpha-Cyber is a point of reference in the innovative technologies field.
The high-level competences of the team members, result of years of work in the research world, also applied to the management of large ICT networks, provides the possibility to offer and apply services to a wide range of different contexts.
Offering includes consultancy services, production of hardware/software appliances, teaching and applied research.

The aim of the company is to provide added values to its customers, through precise, fast and efficient work.

The company was funded by a team of ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs and it has been recognized as a foremost Innovative Start-Up Company accordingly to Italian laws of December 17th, 2012.

Following strategic objects represent the goal of Alpha-Cyber:

  • Become a reference partner for cyber-security, networking, IoT and blockchain contexts
  • Consolidate services and implementation skills
  • Participate in research project consortiums
  • Become a reference point for teaching high-quality technologies to the industry